Classic Chaya 15
Classic Chaya 15" Reed Diffuser

Classic Chaya 15" Reed Diffuser

Brand: Manhattan Basics, Inc.
Style: 14072580
Our Price: $42.00
Manhattan Diffusion
Each one is assembled in the New York City studio, and everyone loves the wax-free, flame-free, fuss-free fragrance of these extraordinary objets d'art. Simply arrange the Fragrance Rods in the Italian glass vessel, and for months and months, the rich, evocative essences of these specially blended natural and essential oils will permeate the room. It's effortless, fabulous, fuss-free fragrance. Manhattan Diffusion uses only the finest natural and essential oils to bring maximum enjoyment and pleasure in fabulous, fuss-free fragrance. Just follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your new object d'art is a beautiful, fragrant new addition to your home. It's a long-term relationship. The scientific process of diffusion relies on kinetic energy. Just flip the fragrance rods once a week (or so) to freshen. A gentle flick of the rods will instantly disperse microscopic fragrance into the air and liven up any room - beautifully.
The Fragrance: Chaya
Que Fresco! We've combined a variety of green teas from the far east with florida citrus and mint for a winning combination unlike anything you've ever experienced. Emerald green tea with orange and mint.

Classic 500ml size
Dramatic 15" Fragrance Bouquet (reeds)
Glass Diffusion Vessel cast in Italy
Excellent for foyers, hallways and tables
Beautifully hand-packed in signature vinyl cases.
Delivers 6 to 9 months of carefree fragrance
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