How Do  You Work This Life Thing?
How Do You Work This Life Thing?

How Do You Work This Life Thing?

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By Lizzie Post.
"My roommate leaves her clothes all over the place!"
"I loaned my friend fifty bucks—I don't know when he'll pay me back."
"That's the third night in a row that Tom's friend has crashed on our couch. Someone needs to say something. . . . "
You're on your own—and it's great! Except when problems crop up: roommate hassles, dating dilemmas, work stuff, social stuff, and just stuff. Finally, expert help is here. In How Do You Work This Life Thing? Lizzie Post, great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, shows how to navigate the pleasures and perils of independent life, offering advice on everything from getting along with roommate(s) and dating to getting the job you want.
Highlights include Prospective Roommate Checklist . . . Romance, Dating, and Sex at Your Place . . . The Get-It-Together Party Prep List . . . What to Wear When . . . Cell Tips: What to Do Where . . . Top Ten Table Manners . . . Dating 101 . . . Tipping 101 . . . Landing the Perfect Job.
Lizzie's down-to-earth style and tales from personal experience, coupled with sound advice in the Emily Post tradition, makes this a real-life guide you can trust.
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